Manually Set Value for FormBuilder Control


This is driving me nuts, I’m under the gun and can’t afford to spend another whole day on this.
I am trying to manually set a control value (‘dept’) within the component, and it’s just not working – even the new value logs to console properly.
Here is the FormBuilder Instance:
initForm() {
this.form ={
‘name’: [”, Validators.required],
‘dept’: [”, Validators.required],
‘description’: [”, Validators.required],
This is the event handler that receives the selected dept:
deptSelected(selected: { id: string; text: string }) {
console.log(selected) // Shows proper selection!

// This is how I am trying to set the value
this.form.controls[‘dept’].value =;
Now when the form is submitted and I log out this.form the field is still blank! I’ve seen other ppl use updateValue() but this is beta.1 and I don’t see that as a valid method to call on the control.
I have also tried to call updateValueAndValidity() with no success :(.
I would just use ngControl=”dept” on the form element, like I’m doing with the rest of the form but its a custom directive/component.
[placeholder]=”‘No Dept Selected'”>

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